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Mr Strive Masiyiwa

Mr Strive Masiyiwa

Mr. Strive T. Masiyiwa is the Founder of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited (alternately Econet Wireless Holdings Ltd.). Mr. Masiyiwa served as the Group Chief Executive Officer of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited and served as its Group Executive Chairman. He founded Econet Wireless International (Pty) Ltd. (formerly, Econet Wireless International) in 1993 and served as its Chief Executive Officer and President. He founded Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Private Ltd and serves as its Group Chairman. Mr. Masiyiwa joined the Rockefeller Foundation Board of Trustees in 2003. Over the years, he has served on many international boards and foundations and has also been involved in numerous initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and social development in Africa. In 1999, he was named by the Junior Chamber International (Jaycees) as one of the “Ten Most Outstanding Young Persons of the World.” In 2003, he was chosen as one of the “15 Global Influentials of the year” in a CNN/Time Magazine poll. He is a well-known International Business Leader, who has won numerous international recognition and awards for business excellence.

Outside his business interests, he is also active in promoting awareness on the impact of AIDS in Africa. He serves as the Chairman of Econet Wireless International (Pty) Ltd and Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa. He serves as an Executive Director of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited. He serves as a Director of Econet Telecom Lesotho (Pty) Ltd. (also known as Lesotho Telecommunications Corp.) and Econet Wireless Holdings Ltd. He serves as a Member of Global Advisory Board at Council on Foreign Relations, Inc. He served as a Non-Executive Director of Unilever PLC since April 21, 2016 until 2018. He has been Non-Executive Director of Unilever N.V. since April 21, 2016. He was Co-Founder of Africa Against Ebola Solidarity Trust and serves as its Chairman. He was Co-Chairman at Grow Africa. He was Chairman at Nutrition International (formerly known as Micronutrient Initiative). He served as a Director of Southern Africa Enterprise Development Fund. He has also been involved in the development of Africa's independent media. He speaks regularly on African business at major international business gatherings and has been regularly featured in leading international publications and television Programmes, among them the Economist, Newsweek, CNN, Barron’s of New York and the Financial Times. Mr. Masiyiwa holds Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Wales.