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Ms Carol Pineau

Ms Carol Pineau

Carol Pineau is in Active Ambassador based in Washington DC. Ms Pineau an award-winning filmmaker and journalist with more than 20 years of experience reporting on Africa, and is the producer and host of a new current events talk show, Africa-USA Now, on the intersection of Africa and the US. Ms. Pineau’s work helped changed the U.S. media’s narrative on Africa to create an unbiased, more accurate view of the Continent. Her first documentary, Africa Open for Business, was voted BBC Documentary of the Year and won a CINE Golden Eagle Award. The film was broadcast on BBC and PBS stations, covered by major media throughout the world, and screened at high level venues, including the World Economic Forum, United Nations, US State Department, US Congress, Canadian Senate, European Union, TED, Cannes Film Festival, and several other high -evel venues. Her second film, Africa Investment Horizons, premiered at the New York Stock Exchange, won a Telly Award and CINE Golden Eagle Award, and aired on PBS stations.

Throughout two postings in Africa, as well as several assignments worldwide, Ms. Pineau has interviewed Heads of State, rebel leaders, and numerous other newsmakers. She has reported and produced numerous television news stories for major international media, including CNN, VOA, NPR, RFI, and AP. She is the host of the 10-part series, Africa and the Trump Administration, airing on Africa Today TV. Ms. Pineau is the author of numerous articles and a book. Her writing on Africa has appeared in major publications throughout the world.