Toyin Umesiri | Intra-African Trade Fair



Toyin Umesiri

Active IATF Ambassador, based in the United States, Toyin Umesiri is the CEO of Nazaru LLC. and the Convener of the Trade with Africa Business Summit. Nazaru LLC is a U.S. based company focused on facilitating trade with Africa and increasing investments towards the region. They work with global corporations looking to expand their operations to Africa as well as SMEs in Africa looking to develop market entry strategy for their non-oil exports to the U.S. Nazaru LLC launched the Trade with Africa Business Summit in 2018 as an effective platform to engage in productive dialogue with stakeholders from the investment community on opportunities and address perceived challenges of increasing trade with Africa. Through this platform they successfully showcase various investment areas including: Manufacturing, Export, Technology, Supply Chain, E-Commerce, Healthcare and encourage Women’s Empowerment in Africa.