IATF 2021
Country Days

The Country Day feature allows selected African countries to showcase and promote their trade and investment opportunities along with their tourism and cultural attractions for one day at IATF2021.

A focus on

6 African countries

The Country Day programme will run for 6 days from 1 to 6 September 2021, with the first day reserved for the host country, Rwanda.

This opportunity provides each country a platform to take centrestage for the promotion of its business sectors, trade credentials, cultural and tourism opportunities, best products and services for export markets and opportunities for capital investors.

A unique platform

Following the theme of ‘Building Bridges for a Successful AfCFTA, the Country Days’ provide participating countries a unique platform, allowing a special focus on their businesses. With a plethora of events and meetings taking place each day from 17h00-22h00 in the countries’ stands, delegates will be delighted to experience many facets of each country.

The bidding process is well under way and the winning countries will be announced shortly.