Diaspora Day

The African Union considers its Diaspora as the sixth regional economic community for Africa. African Diaspora constitutes a consequential economic, cultural, and political block that needs to be harnessed to promote the interest and development of Africans and people of African descent wherever they may be.

Diaspora Day Verticals

Exhibition & Market

A retail and exhibition space will be devoted to diasporic companies and brands looking to showcase their goods and services to an international Afrocentric audience is available.

  • Diaspora governments and businesses wishing to exhibit at the Intra-African Trade Fair will be able to purchase space for pavilions and booths in the Diaspora Village.
  • The Diaspora Village shall also have space for B2B and B2G networking.
  • Small Businesses from the Diaspora will be allotted space in the market-place where they can sell their products.

Diaspora Summit

12 November will be the Diaspora summit that will hold under the theme "Building an Economic Bridge Between Africa and its Diaspora." The programme will feature high-level business and policy focused discussions on topics that cut across strengthening commercial and cultural ties between Africa and its Diaspora.

  • The Summit will be anchored by performance's from the diaspora, culminating in a concert on the evening of the day.
  • Musical performances: Olodum in collaboration with African Stars
  • Spoken word: Cyndi Celeste (Barbados)
  • Visual art, and crafts, exhibition
  • Mini-fashion show: Featuring CANEX presents Africa alumni from Diaspora

Deal room

A focused platform to facilitate business transactions between Africa and its Diaspora. Led by the bank, the deal room will include other financial institutions looking to support trade and investment between Africa and its diaspora.

  • Afreximbank will be hosting a "Diaspora Deal Room", where diaspora and African entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to present bankable projects/opportunities tries to financiers and investors.
  • Afreximbank and sister financial institutions in attendance will consider both Debt and Equity for transactions that fall under all the segments for IATF2023.

Gastronomic Showcase

The Day will also include a showcase of the best in diasporic cuisine. This will feature celebrity chefs from the Diaspora who will showcase African-Diaspora cuisine.

Live Performance's

A range of performances from diasporic artists will be showcased throughout the Diaspora Summit.

IATF Virtual

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