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  Steelworld Roofing Systems Pty Ltd & Rickford Investments

Basic Metal Production / bua_13

 AE Electrical Lighting & Manufacturing Pvt Ltd

Manufacturing / bua_13

Over the 25 years AE Electrical has developed from manufacturing a single product line, adding to its Electrical extensions; Lighting, Gas, Solar, and Farming appliances. We strive to continue growing so as to keep our customers’ demands satisfied. Our ability to manufacture locally,our dedicated people, and vast factory machinery, all keep us intimately involved in the needs of the market around the country and across our borders.



 ANPO Mosprom

Government / bua_1

ANPO Mosprom was created by the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow and is engaged in supporting the capital's industrial exports and exports of agricultural products. The Center plays a leading role in the development of Moscow's foreign economic activity. Our specialists provide support to Moscow manufacturers and foreign buyers, helping to build stable cooperation and trade relations.

 Advance Cash ‘n Carry

Wholesale and Retail Trade / bua_13

 Africa Content Marketplace

Africa Content Marketplace Limited (the Africa Content Marketplace) is the global Content Aggregation, Acceleration, and Distribution platform for Afro-centric content, deploying the POWER of TECHNOLOGY. Our ultimate objective is to maximize returns for Africa’s content producers/owners, thus maximizing value for the industry. With the birth of the Internet,

 Africa Electronic Trade Group (AeTrade Group))

The African e-Trade Group is a social enterprise initiated by a group of African, multi-stakeholder and multi-talented professionals and entrepreneurs. The A-eTrade Group works to empower the African digital economy. This work focuses on a trading platform and capabilities that boost -African trade and African exports.

 Africa News Agency