Explore creative africa

Creativity at the heart of innovation and transformation

IATF2021, visitors and exhibitors alike will see work from the finest creative minds in the continent - get inspired, get excited, and see how their vision could create connections across Africa.

The best of the
African Trade Market

IATF2021 will host art and craft exhibitions with stunning pieces that have never been displayed together before. Hear directly from the artists and craftspeople themselves and discover how art is leading the way in the cultural industries.

Let art inspire you at IATF2021

The booming African
film industry

With screenings of the latest blockbusters and independent gems, plus filmmaker panels talking about their triumphs and challenges, IATF2021 will show why film festivals and suppliers around the world are taking a keen interest in Africa’s rising movie industry.

Let cinema inspire you at IATF2021

Find out what
Africa is bringing
to the world of music

It’s no understatement to say that African influence changed the course of music.

With concerts and intimate showcases featuring the most exciting performers from across the continent, plus Q&As, signing sessions, and industry insights.

Let music inspire you at IATF2021

Africa's vibrant fashion movement

Fashion designers will be featuring their newest collections at IATF2021, accompanied by daily catwalks in the exhibition area. Keep an eye out for the stunning creations of renowned African fashion designer Lilly Alfonso and many more.

Let art inspire you at IATF2021