Vibrant Kigali

Welcome to vibrant Kigali

Proud and progressive Kigali, in the centre of Rwanda, is buzzing with tech hubs and creative startups.

Connection to the

rest of the country

Whether you’re arriving by road or by air, look out for Kigali’s beautiful rolling hills and valleys. With just over one million inhabitants, the city reaches into the surrounding countryside, showing visitors why Rwanda is called the land of a thousand hills.

City center

A bustling and colourful city centre is home to a strong sense of cultural pride and national respect: discover Kigali’s warm welcome for yourself. A clean and green city, keen-eyed visitors to Kigali will also notice pioneering design and architectural features that draw international attention.


With a thriving contemporary art scene, Kigali is building a reputation with art galleries and spaces like Ivuka, Inema, or Uburanga. Look out for new coworking spaces and entrepreneurship hubs - like Norrsken Kigali - designed to support the busy tech scene, driven by government investment in new technology events and development in the region.

Kigali’s rapid development has seen the creation of many new shopping malls, office buildings, and of course the acclaimed convention centre. The Kigali Cultural Village offers a dedicated space for local artisans and food vendors to exhibit and trade their goods.

Staying in Kigali


You’ll find hundreds of hotels within easy reach of the Intare Convention Arena (just 10km from the city centre). For special rates, click here to book your accommodation.

After work in Kigali

If you’d like to while away your evening in a cosy cafe or welcoming restaurant, or if you seek out the lively atmosphere of bars and nightspots, Kigali has plenty for you to explore.

The venue

The landmark Intare Convention Arena is the first and largest centre of its kind in the region, with all the facilities and technology needed for premium events. Only 10km away from both the city centre and Kigali International Airport.

Visit Kigali for more

For more information on what to see and do in Kigali, Visit Rwanda has plenty of ideas.