@ Intra-African Trade Fair 2021

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Creative Africa Nexus @IATF2021
promises to be the highlight of Africa's creative and cultural calendar with hundreds of creative gatherings in Durban International Convention Centre (DICC) and Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC), Durban, South Africa to exhibit, showcase and network with policy makers, prominent investors and financiers, through leaders and other creative sector practitioners.

More than simply a Summit

Over the course of the IATF2021, CANEX will be a unique showcase and celebration of Africa’s vibrant creative and cultural heritage. CANEX @ IATF2021 will bring together the best and brightest of Africa’s creative sector through substantial exhibition space, business to business/government meeting opportunities and a comprehensive programme of engaging conversations, panels discussions, live performances, installations and screenings. This will begin on 15 November, culminating in the two-day high-level CANEX Summit @ IATF2021 on 19 - 20 November 2021.

Style yourself with Africa's vibrant fashion

African styles, fabrics, and designs are taking the fashion world by storm with African textiles, patterns and cultural styles taking over runways and magazine covers around the world.  Top African designers and industry professionals will be at CANEX to discuss the way forward for this rapidly evolving sector. Emerging designers and  professionals from across the fashion value chain are also invited to be part of these important conversations. Keep an eye out for the stunning creations from both renowned and upcoming African fashion designers as fashion showcases and shows take place throughout CANEX @ IATF2021.

Explore Africa through its arts and crafts

Embark on a journey of exploration through Africa’s diverse cultural landscape through a range of arts and crafts exhibitions and installations that will showcase stunning pieces from across the African continent.  Travel from East to West and North to South all in one venue through the works and words of the artists and craftspeople themselves and discover how traditional arts and crafts are still influencing African and global trends today.

Watch Africa’s stories unfold

The magic of film and TV content comes to life at IATF2021 as Africa’s top filmmakers, along with recognised professionals from across the film value chain, will gather to share their stories, their inspirational career journeys, and discuss the most pressing issues facing the film sector, culminating in a number of high-level film related panels at the CANEX Summit. More than just conversations, CANEX @ IATF2021 will also showcase some of Africa’s most riveting filmed content in a range of screenings across the venue.  

Take part as an Exhibitor

Feast on the visual art of Africa

African art, from sculptures to paintings, is starting to secure significant value within the global art market and African artists are finally being recognised alongside their international peers. CANEX @ IATF2021 promises a visual feast of interactive art walks, immersive installations, as well as various opportunities to meet and engage with some of Africa’s most respected and renowned visual artists including painters, sculptors, illustrators and more as they share their work, their inspiration and their journeys to global success.

Dance to Africa’s global beat

The beats, rhythms, and moves of Africa’s musicians, rappers, and singer-songwriters have literally found their way into the top of the charts around the world. It’s no understatement to say that African music is having its global moment. With African music and artists taking their place on the global stage, now is the time to chart out the path to the next level that assures Africa’s music industry’s sustainable and profitable future.  Top artists, industry experts and thought leaders will share their views on the exciting future of African music, regularly complimented by live performances and intimate showcases featuring some of the most exciting performers from across the continent.

Innovate with African XR

Home grown innovation in opening up new audiences and opportunities for a wide range of African creatives. By utilising and even developing new platforms and opportunities, as well as creating uniquely African content for new-media and digital spaces, Africa’s creatives have become recognised innovators in the gaming, animation and XR spaces. CANEX @ IATF2021 will provide for the curious and the expert alike with immersive opportunities to experience first-hand just how these innovations are changing the entire landscape for African creatives.

Listen to Africa’s words and wisdom

African authors and poets have a long and proud history of speaking truth to power and to voicing the African experience. African stories told by Africans through words on the page are now also finding new life through performance, film and TV adaptation and even via technology platforms. CANEX will welcome some of Africa’s literary icons who will be joined by rising young lions to share their work whilst also discussing key issues including adaptation and intellectual property.

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