Who is the Fair Targeting? | Intra-African Trade Fair




Who is the Fair Targeting?

The Intra-African Trade Fair is open to:

  • All African Member States
  • Any country that is interested in supporting and promoting intra-African trade (e.g. Brazil, China, India, Russia, UK, USA, EU Member States, etc.
  • Any country that is interested in doing business with Africa or wants to grow trade with Africa
  • Public sector.
  • The Private Sector, including start-ups and SMEs participating in African designs. manufacturing, distribution, value chains, services, smallholder farmers etc.
  • Financial institutions–development, commercial and non-bank (financial institutions).
  • African industry leaders; export agencies; Export Trading Companies, manufacturers.
  • Operational and strategic partners.
  • Academia, research and technology institutions.
  • Development agencies, NGOs, youth, students and young entrepreneurs.
  • Other interested parties supporting intra-African trade.
  • Any entity doing business in Africa;
  • Africans in the diaspora.
  • Institutions working on standards and trade facilitation initiatives.

Afreximbank’s Intra-African Trade Fair 2018 will bring together key players from the following sectors: manufacturing, logistics, engineering, construction, tourism, entertainment, ICT, heavy industries, finance, agriculture and agro-processing. Manufacturers will be able to showcase their offerings to potential distributers. Attendees and exhibitors will also have the opportunity to engage with experts on intra-African trade who will share their expertise on various aspects of trade and export/import finance, on interactive platforms available for the duration of the event. It is a networking opportunity which could lead to exponential business growth.

The fair will provide participants with an opportunity to engage with other business owners and potential clients. For those looking for particular products and services, the fair will give the opportunity to engage with these in real time, and allow participants to speak directly to the service providers or manufacturers. Not least important for both importers and exporters is the interactive platform that the trade fair will offer for the exchange of information and matchmaking opportunities that could lead to the establishment of partnerships and potential business deals.

Who should consider exhibiting at the Intra-African Trade Fair?

If you’re a manufacturer or exporter of goods and services based in Africa and looking to expand into new markets on the Continent, then Afreximbank’s Intra-African Trade Fair 2018 is the perfect platform for you to showcase the goods and services you offer. As an exhibitor at 2018 trade fair, you have a chance to engage with potential buyers and business partners from across the Continent. Potential customers will be able to engage with your goods and services directly, increasing the likelihood of deals being made and partnerships being formed. The Fair will not only provide engagement opportunities with other businesses and potential markets in Africa, it will also give you access to information and funding opportunities designed to help you grow your business through engagement in intra-African trade.