Pavilions | Intra-African Trade Fair






The IATF pavilions have been grouped into five categories to best meet the Trade Fair’s marketing objectives and to allow for the most effective facilitative roles for business exchanges and information dissemination.

Host Country Pavilion

Egypt as the host country will have a prominent pavilion, owing primarily to the need to give greater exposure to the local industries and demonstrate the country’s readiness to do business with the rest of Africa. The pavilion will showcase the trade and investment opportunities in Egypt along with opportunities for trading (import/export) with the rest of Africa and the world.

Afreximbank Pavilion

Afreximbank pavilion serves as the event’s nerve centre for trade and market information and transactional activities. It provides:

  • On site intermediaries to assist with facilitation services for transaction structuring, vetting services and deal brokering;
  • Access to Afreximbank service offerings, financing solutions, trade facilitation and advisory services.

Pavilions for Trade Hubs

These pavilions are allocated to designated intra- African Trade Hubs - Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire and Kenya - to enable them to provide seamless flow of key information on regional trade opportunities, simultaneously acting through their various trade agencies, as facilitators for business engagements and deal structuring.

National Pavilions

National Pavilions are allocated to individual countries to enable them to best structure their exhibitions to meet their own unique objectives, enabling them to showcase their flagship industries in a manner that gives them the best level of exposure at the Trade Fair and thus enhancing business transaction opportunities. They will cater for both private sector and public sector exhibitors including SMEs and those in the informal sector.

Company Pavilions

Companies will also have their own pavilions or stands where they will showcase their products. This option is open to all sectors that have an interest in showcasing goods or services that they produce.