Kampala Engagement Session | Intra-African Trade Fair



Kampala Engagement Session

The focus of our 6th Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF2018) Engagement Session in Kampala this morning, was to address ways in which to unlock Uganda's regional trade potential. The panel was constituted by a number of experts on Ugandan trade from both business and government agencies. The panelists commended Afreximbank for instituting the IATF which they saw as an active vehicle to drive the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA) and make it a viable reality.

One of the key issues raised by Professor Maggie Kigozi, Former Executive Director, Ugandan Investment Authority Director of Crown Beverages, was the importance of targeting Ugandan women in business to attend the IATF 2018. She pointed out that 60% of the country's SMEs and 80% of its farmers, are women. Mr Amr Kamel said the bank was targeting women in business with the event. He also issued a reminder of the 40% Early Registration Discount which is running until the end of September, and encouraged particularly SMEs in Uganda, and across the continent, to take advantage of this, as the trade fair would provide outstanding opportunities for business-to-business exchanges.